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16.05.2017 War Chaz + Waz Fifa 17...
10.05.2017 Rainbow Six Siege Rank...
10.05.2017 Quick Little Black Ops...
02.05.2017 First News Test
f17 15.05.2014 R - 1:0

clanwar details

date: 15.05.2014
game / squad: Chaz + Waz Fifa 17
opponent: R / Randoms
league: Co-Op Seasons [matchlink]
maps: Real Madrid Vs. Juventus
map result
Real Madrid Vs. Juventus 1 : 0
total 1 : 0
Pyro team: ChzL, waz
R team: Blah and Blahh
server: fifa 17
hltv server:
Last minute winner with James Rodriguez!

Eat Doodoo Juve!


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